Streamline psychosocial hazard consultation

Get psychosocial hazard consultations and reviews done without excessive operational costs and declining participation.

The problem we solve for you

The excessive cost and resources required to sustain worker consultation on psychosocial hazards.


“In 2024 every CEO and Executive needs to understand their duties and get psychosocial risks on their radar. Beyond compliance, creating safe workplaces drives performance and enables good culture. Skodel’s easy to use features and robust controls ensure companies meet their compliance obligations without exposing leaders and their teams to greater risk from missed or mismanaged psychosocial hazards.”

Martyn Campbell, Former CEO SafeWork SA and board member Safework Australia


Sustainable worker consultation

Engaging and sustaining worker consultation over time can be resource intensive, time consuming for all and expensive. We make worker consultation on hazards, controls and their effectiveness quick, easy and cost effective for you.


Maintain a risk register with ease

Documenting all your worker consultation efforts, creating risk registers and updating them is time consuming and requires a lot of dedication. We reduce the time and complexity of setting these documents up and maintaining them.


Automate your worker consultation log

Manually keeping a record of staff consultation and key findings is resource intensive and prone to error. We can automate this process for you to save you time and reduce the chance of error.


A simple starting point

Starting the journey can seem daunting and complex. Skodel offers a simple entry point so you can ease your way into psychosocial risk management and stay on track without disruption.

Skodel’s platform in action

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