Address psychosocial hazards in your workplace

Comprehensive psychosocial hazard management for safety and leadership teams to meet compliance and improve psychological safety

Streamline psychosocial hazard management

Workplaces are mandated to consult with their workforce on psychosocial safety. Safety teams use Skodel's short psychosocial survey to do this and ensure everyone receives support after. Skodel documents all psychosocial hazards reported and steps taken to resolve them.


“In 2024 every CEO and Executive needs to understand their duties and get psychosocial risks on their radar. Beyond compliance, creating safe workplaces drives performance and enables good culture. Skodel’s easy to use features and robust controls ensure companies meet their compliance obligations without exposing leaders and their teams to greater risk from missed or mismanaged psychosocial hazards.”

Martyn Campbell, Former CEO SafeWork SA and board member Safework Australia


Our team is experienced

Skodel helps you navigate complex psychosocial hazard legislation with industry specific experience, including senior WHS officials and organisational psychologists. Ensure your approach aligns seamlessly with proven and mandated risk management models.


We maintain critical documentation for you

Other surveys like forms or culture and engagement surveys don’t support or document actions taken to stop mental health issues like bullying happening inside your organisation. This is critical to show you’re doing your best to eliminate hazards that cause psychological injuries.


Save time with regulator ready reports

If regulators inspect your system of work, documentation is critical. Skodel removes the need to manually compile documentation or run the risk of not having documentation in place. This safeguards your organisation from regulatory liabilities and penalties, and supports your decision making.


We have support for all situations

When consulting with workers about mental health, it is possible that sensitive mental health matters will arise. Skodel has 24/7 support lines in place so individuals can access support for serious matters or matters unrelated to the organisation if required.

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