The wellbeing assistant for students

At the touch of a button, turn on a wellbeing assistant for your students. We help students self reflect during key moments and empower them with thinking strategies to improve their wellbeing.

Sustainable approach to increasing wellbeing

By interacting directly with students, we assist wellbeing teams across the globe to embed a proactive approach to wellbeing without increasing teacher workload.
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A confidante for students

An ally for wellbeing leaders
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Making wellbeing everyone’s business

Communities are turning to school leaders and teachers to support wellbeing. We believe it needs to be everyone’s business.

Engage people in their wellbeing

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    Engage students in building self awareness and taking steps to improve their own wellbeing.

Empower everyone to take action

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    Strategies and tools to help students make small changes in their lives that have big impacts.

Streamline wellbeing at your school

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    A student led approach designed to save time and exceed wellbeing expectations.

Adapt to your needs

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    Each school's wellbeing strategy is unique. Skodel can adapt to align with your frameworks and values.

87% of students said Skodel improved their wellbeing







Solution focused and student led to ease pressure on teachers

Combining the very best technology with science based practices

Self reflections

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    Configurable templates designed by psychologists to help people self-reflect during key moments.

Planning & Support

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    Empower everyone to take action in their own wellbeing with planning tools and self paced coaching sessions.

Proactive insights

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    Optics on school wellbeing and safety for teachers, counsellors and senior leaders. Executive reports for senior leaders to report on wellbeing.
Mental health and wellbeing need to be our highest priority in helping our young people create great futures. Skodel enables young people to discover the language of their feelings and provides assistance in planning to increase wellbeing, I am delighted to recommend this initiative to schools.

Andrew Fuller

Clinical Psychologist

Andrew Fuller

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View research papers, whitepapers, tips on getting the most out of recent feature updates and more. All designed to help schools implement a sustainable, student centred approach to improving wellbeing.
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