Give every student a voice that is heard

Skodel Check-In is a fast, fun and simple way to see how your students are feeling

Pioneering the wellbeing check-in

The easiest way for schools to understand student wellbeing

In a busy school environment student wellbeing can fluctuate quickly and quietly. Student voice and real time visibility is essential. Skodel Check-In is the non disruptive way for schools to achieve this.

Weekly wellbeing check-in

The simplest way to check in with your entire school, giving every student a safe and comfortable space to tell it how it is.
  • Get to know students like never before
  • Give students in need an outlet to open up
  • Empower and encourage self expression

Easily track student positivity

Quickly gauge positivity levels across different classes, custom groups or school wide.
  • Identify issues instantly
  • Pinpoint challenging times
  • Compare classes or custom groups

Identify all factors impacting wellbeing

Gain visibility on key drivers of negative and positive emotions so that you can take appropriate action.
  • Measure the impact of your wellbeing programs
  • Allocate resources accordingly
  • Inform decision making at all levels

Dig deeper
with student voice

We make it easy for student voices to be heard through simple filters and sophisticated alerts.
  • Have more meaningful conversations with your students
  • Urgency detection for high risk comments
  • Useful filters and alerts

Timely and tailored wellbeing support

A library of Support Solutions developed by leading psychologists and educators, delivered when it is needed most.
  • 24/7 support for students to manage their own wellbeing and build skills across key well being domains
  • Simple and actionable advice for teachers in managing the wellbeing of their students when issues arise
  • Engaging infographics, short animations and more to ensure support is not only scientifically reliable but also loveable

Helping school communities support happy, safe and connected learners

Why schools choose Skodel

Proven Engagement

Students and teachers love Skodel Check-In. With unmatched response rates and neatly designed dashboards, your school will quickly discover a love for checking in with Skodel. Don’t just take our word for it though, try it out for yourself below.
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Works at All Levels

Simple for end users, sophisticated for senior leadership. With Skodel Check-In, there are no sacrifices needed in the pursuit of understanding wellbeing. Find out how our deceptively powerful check-in tool meets the unique needs of each stakeholder.
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Deftly Flexible

Capture all factors impacting wellbeing. To truly understand what is influencing wellbeing, students must be able to self-determine. Skodel Check-In provides unlimited flexibility for students to tell it how it is and cleverly transforms feelings into data.
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Refreshingly Simple

Collecting accurate real time wellbeing data has never been this simple. Skodel Check-In is a delightfully peaceful experience, taking minutes to implement and seconds to operate. Book a 10 minute demonstration below to see our check-in tool in action.
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Managing student wellbeing

With wellbeing fluctuating rapidly and so few students communicating, it is now recognized that wellbeing management benefits hugely from a regular check-in that unlocks student voice and provides real time data.

Teacher Observations

Teachers log any wellbeing issues they might observe and can compare to the trends shown in check-in data

Large Scale Survey

Monitor findings from large scale surveys on an ongoing basis through real time check-ins

Regular Check-Ins (Skodel Check-In)

Regular check-ins can help on minor and major wellbeing issues
Fast action is possible if the data is real time
Real time data aids teacher effectiveness and relationships with students

Skodel Resources

View research papers, whitepapers, tips on getting the most out of recent feature updates and more. All designed to help teachers and school leaders manage the safety and wellbeing of their students
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