Personable wellbeing check-ins and support

Send private and personable wellbeing check-ins to everyone in your organisation and link them to support, policies and next steps.

Proactive mental health safety

Skodel works with wellbeing and safety leaders to anticipate, prevent and address mental health risks in organisations, and improve overall wellbeing.

Why checking in and supporting wellbeing matters

Mental health issues are on the rise. Organisations want to ensure their organisation isn't causing or exacerbating mental health issues. Proactive wellbeing check-ins linked to support can identify, prevent or intervene on issues early. The data can guide the creation of a safer and more positive environment to work, learn and grow. And a proactive approach builds trust in an organisation’s genuine commitment to wellbeing.

What we do

Skodel sends digital mental wellbeing check-ins linked to support and reporting tools for leaders. We aim to integrate seamlessly with your existing tech ecosystem.


Mental health overview


NZ Pandemic Relief Fund Project

Supported by the nation's pandemic relief fund, Skodel was rolled out to a group of schools (10,000 students) in a lower socio-economic area in New Zealand. With a large Māori and Pasifika population, the app was translated into multiple languages (Māori & Samoan) to support all students from this area. Skodel gave students an outlet to share any concerns they were experiencing and linked them to relevant support, policies and procedures. At the end of the first year, 88% of students said Skodel had a positive impact on their wellbeing and safety.

The Skodel difference

Unlike other survey software, Skodel is linked to mental health support, policies and procedures. This means sensitive issues like bullying or discrimination are always responded to appropriately. With this assurance, you can leave Skodel on for people to check in privately at anytime. No missed concerns or uncertainty in responding to issues at scale.



Customer satisfaction on support requests



Said Skodel improved wellbeing & safety


For leadership teams and people

Leadership teams use Skodel to support and report on mental wellbeing. People use it to share their mental wellbeing privately and access support.

Our approach is guided by best practice safety standards

Skodel helps organisations and leaders embed best practice in mental health safety as per international standards and legislation.


Addressing mental health with confidence

Throughout my career, I've dedicated myself to addressing critical mental health issues. I've formed coalitions against bullying, established suicide prevention programs, and contributed extensively to research into burnout. And one thing I know is that leaders want to create environments where these risks don't exist. And if these risks do exist, they want to know about them and stamp them out. Understandably, they have concerns about how to do this safely. With Skodel, I support the design of effective prevention and response systems to help leaders address these matters with confidence.

Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist & Author

Andrew Fuller

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