For leadership teams and people

Giving leaders insight into important wellbeing matters and people a safe outlet to share them and access support.

Organisations and people that use Skodel

For those who want to better understand the mental wellbeing of people in their care, and those who want to share it privately

Example use cases for individuals

A private outlet to share wellbeing and access support for those reluctant to do so because of stigma

Example use cases for leaders

Insights into important mental wellbeing matters, reports on wellbeing impact and support to address wellbeing concerns

How our partners can help you

Legislation & International Standards

We aim to help you as a leader implement best practice for good social governance in line with international standards and relevant legislation


Prioritising wellbeing, building trust

Proactive check-ins build trust in your commitment to wellbeing. When people genuinely believe their wellbeing is cared for, they're less likely to do wrong by the organisation. They're more inclined to act ethically, responsibly and give their best effort. And, external stakeholders who perceive commitment to wellbeing are more likely to engage with and support the organisation. Through genuine care, a positive culture and optimal performance and engagement naturally emerge.

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