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Host mental health support lines, policies and procedures in a central place and trigger relevant support to people based on the challenges they're facing.

The problem

Leaders lack resources and certainty on how to safely support sensitive mental health and wellbeing concerns at scale


An eco-system of support, ready for sensitive concerns

Host your policies, procedures and support lines inside Skodel and trigger relevant support based on check-in data. This enables organisations to confidently uncover even the most sensitive of mental health data with an appropriate response always in place. If someone is being bullied, they can express this on Skodel and get linked to your bullying policy and procedures. Enhances the probability of resolving sensitive issues in a way that aligns with both the person's needs and your organisation's standards.


Connect people to mental health support

Mental health data collection may potentially uncover distressing or sensitive information. Leaders shouldn't have to avoid it because of this. Having a response system built in that links people to relevant support lines ensures that appropriate measures are in place to respond to such situations promptly and effectively. It enables organisations to collect important mental health data whilst facilitating appropriate intervention or referrals to mental health professionals if required.


Automatic flag, alert and response system

Enhance your documentation and communication of mental health matters with an effective flag, alert and response system. Define high signal data and route these alerts to the right people so they can be aware of the information they want to know about. Embed a response system that links people with the right next steps so everyone is aware of the actions they can take to resolve the challenging situations they might face. Carrying out the collection and response of mental health data online streamlines your documentation processes on important issues.


A central place for policies & procedures

Drive awareness of your policies and procedures by hosting them centrally on Skodel and targeting them based on relevant data. Add PDFs or links inside an online library and setup triggers for specific data parameters. Increase the likelihood of resolving matters internally by making people aware of the processes they can follow to resolve the situations they're facing.


Strategic action plans for leaders

Skodel partners with experts in governance, compliance, mental health and organisational culture to support your leaders in building out strategic action plans. Working with Skodel's data, these plans are purpose built to control risks that might exist in your organisation and the impact of these plans can be reported on over time alongside key metrics identified in the planning phase. These plans help leaders create an environment of psychological safety for wellbeing to thrive, unlocking the potential of all individuals.


The confidence to address mental health

Skodel gives leaders confidence by providing their organisation with an ecosystem of support across all levels. Many mental health issues go unresolved not due to a lack of compassion but rather no response system in place to confidently address serious issues. This is where Skodel helps organisations. It doesn't just provide easy pathways to express concerns but it ensures next steps are always in place for individuals, leaders and the organisation. With Skodel, you are ready to meet mental health head on.

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