Where does the name 'Skodel' come from?

Where does the name 'Skodel' come from?

Skodel is an intentionally ambiguous name with no clear meaning designed to provoke curiosity. When we started building Skodel there were a number of social, cultural and technological trends taking place. Whilst on the surface these were good advancements, they presented a unique challenge to something that has long been an anchor for so many. This idea of meaning in your life.

Previous generations weren't afford the liberties we have today, often, their path was laid out from birth. They would believe in X, work in said career and create a family along the way. Today, many young people are encouraged to be who they want to be and do what they want to do, which gives us far greater opportunity than ever before. However, it also makes the quest for meaning a little more challenging.

This is why we searched for a name that had no obvious meaning as it was in many ways reflective of what we saw taking place in younger generations today. We hope that people will be curious enough to question its meaning and even create their own meaning for what Skodel means to them, and apply that same attitude to life. We know that:

  • Finding meaning is challenging
  • Living curiously keeps you energetic and enthusiastic about life
  • Feeling a sense of meaning can help you navigate through the pitfalls of life and bounce back!
  • What gives you meaning is fluid, it can change and that's okay

Wishing you well on your wellbeing journey!

Team Skodel!

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