Skodel secures contract to enhance wellbeing and safety of International Students in Victoria

Skodel secures contract to enhance wellbeing and safety of International Students in Victoria

In a significant development aimed at prioritising the safety and wellbeing of international students, Skodel has successfully secured a contract with the Victorian Department of Education. Following a successful six-month proof of concept, Skodel's innovative platform will now play a pivotal role in supporting the holistic welfare of international students studying in Victoria. By providing a proactive approach to monitoring and intervention, Skodel's inclusion in the school's risk mitigation strategy promises to create a safer and more supportive environment for international students.

Prioritising Wellbeing and Safety

Recognising the unique challenges faced by international students, the Victorian Department of Education has taken a commendable step by partnering with Skodel. Beyond the existing wellbeing and welfare support systems in place within educational institutions, Skodel will act as an additional layer of care, ensuring the proactive monitoring of students' health and wellbeing. By collecting wellbeing data and feedback from students, the platform will enable schools to identify areas of concern and take early intervention measures to address them promptly. In-built support systems will assist students when no direct involvement from staff is available. 

A Holistic Approach to Wellbeing and Safety

Skodel's involvement in the safety and wellbeing of international students goes beyond a mere monitoring tool. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to foster a supportive and inclusive environment. Through its user-friendly interface, students can access a wide range of resources, such as mental health support, counselling services, and academic assistance. Skodel serves as a central hub, bringing together various aspects of student support under one umbrella, streamlining access and ensuring timely intervention when necessary.

Enhancing Critical Incident Reporting

In addition to its proactive monitoring capabilities, Skodel also contributes to critical incident reporting. By providing a secure and confidential platform, students can easily report incidents or concerns, ensuring that any potential risks or issues are swiftly addressed. Skodel's system enables the relevant authorities to respond promptly and efficiently, enhancing the overall safety and security of international students within the Victorian education system.

Empowering Schools and Educators

Skodel not only benefits the students but also empowers schools and educators with actionable insights. The platform's analytics and reporting features enable schools to gain a holistic understanding of their students' wellbeing, identify trends, and tailor their support systems accordingly. By equipping educators with the necessary data, Skodel facilitates evidence-based decision-making and the development of targeted intervention strategies.

Looking Ahead

Skodel's contract with the Victorian Department of Education signifies a progressive approach to safeguarding the welfare of international students. By leveraging technology to enhance support systems and facilitate proactive interventions, the collaboration between Skodel and educational institutions in Victoria sets a benchmark for other regions to follow. The partnership's ultimate goal is to create an environment where international students feel safe, supported, and empowered to thrive academically and personally.

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