Skodel's start of year check-ins reveal positive wellbeing data

Skodel's start of year check-ins reveal positive wellbeing data

Skodel's Start of Year Check-Ins Reveal Positive Insights on Student Wellbeing

The start of the school year can be an exciting yet uncertain time for students, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19. However, the recent data report from Skodel's start of year check-ins reveals overwhelmingly positive insights on student wellbeing.


80% of students expressed feelings of happiness, excitement, motivation, and hope for the upcoming year, demonstrating a positive attitude towards academic and personal growth.


89% of students feel confident about making friends, emphasising the positive social environment fostered within school communities. Students highlighted the importance of friendly classmates and great teachers as key factors contributing to their wellbeing, indicating the significance of interpersonal support in promoting student welfare.

Recovering from the last few years

45% said they are doing better than ever, 41% said they're not affected, 7% said they're still dealing with some issues and 7% said they're not coping as well as they'd like. Of those still dealing with issues or not coping as well as they'd like, 70% were girls.

School environment an important factor

Additionally, students frequently mentioned the need for clean school environments, underscoring the significance of maintaining hygienic surroundings for students' health and wellbeing.


While a small percentage of students expressed feeling unmotivated or worried about the year ahead, school communities can work together to provide support and help these students feel more engaged and motivated.

Furthermore, the data reveals the challenges that female students face in making friends and reconnecting after COVID-19. Of those students who find it challenging to make friends, 60% were girls, and similarly, of those feeling worried about the year ahead, 60% were girls. Our partner psychologist Andrew Fuller recently released a paper on helping girls regain their confidence

Skodel remains committed to promoting student welfare and fostering a positive and supportive school community. If you're interested in getting these insights for your school specifically, reach out to or sign up for a free trial.

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