Skodel's Rebrand: Improving student wellbeing without depleting resources

Skodel's Rebrand: Improving student wellbeing without depleting resources

At Skodel, we understand the need for a less resource-depleting but effective way of improving wellbeing. Skodel 2.0 provides a scalable and sustainable process that enables schools to deliver personalised support to address individual needs while giving leaders insights to report on progress.

Personalised support for everyone

Skodel action planning

People reflecting will now receive personalised suggested steps they could take based on their responses. The steps have been built out by leading psychologist Andrew Fuller, however, what's really exciting is schools can customise these to better suit their context and frameworks. It enables personalised support for everyone at scale and eases the burden on teachers responding.

New look and feel

We have implemented a new design to help users feel more relaxed and focused when improving their wellbeing. The calming blue used in our reflection section, the warm colour in our planning section, and the green colour used in our resources section are intended to inspire users and represent growth and development.

Skodel new look and feel

New reporting for leaders

We know that wellbeing data is critical. As students interact with Skodel, leaders are provided with reports. The reports are positioned positively so they can be shared with the broader community easily. This saves time for leaders looking to demonstrate the positive work being done to support wellbeing.

Skodel reporting

We invite you to experience our new look and features through our interactive demo. Skodel at your school, you can sign up for a free 2 month trial.

Thank you for choosing Skodel to help you on your wellbeing journey!

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