Skodel's new wellbeing analytics

Skodel's new wellbeing analytics

Skodel wellbeing insights upgrade

One of the areas we receive most feedback on is wellbeing analytics, specifically, how can we use insights to inform practice, community reporting and planning. These upgrades aim to help you do the following:

  • Track individual and group wellbeing trends in more detail
  • Compare time periods
  • Compare groups
  • Benchmark
  • Filter to deep dive

View all wellbeing data in one place with our Pivot Table

All your wellbeing data in one table

View individual student/group trend data from the one table. The 'total' row will help you benchmark and identify noticeable differences across students or groups to inform your conversations. You can compare completion rates, positivity, reactions, recent check-ins and more!

Heat map to compare groups

Compare wellbeing influences across groups

Breakdown the influences on wellbeing across different groups easily. This visual supports wellbeing planning by making it easy to identify areas of focus for specific groups. E.g. which year sleep challenges spike.

Improved positivity bar graph

More detailed trend analysis

The new positivity overview graph provides a more detailed breakdown of positivity overtime. You can quickly look at the positivity trends emerging across different groups and compare time periods to measure impact of your initiatives.

Enhanced filtering to deep dive

Filter for time periods and groups

Getting the insights you need in as little clicks as possible is what we are striving to enable for you. Filtering plays an important role, allowing you to add or remove groups and change or compare time periods. 

Thank you so much for your feedback along the way! We look forward to continuing to build on these visuals to support your wellbeing data needs. We value your feedback, so please feel free to share any suggestions 😀

Thank you!


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