Skodel Reactions

Skodel Reactions

‘Skodel Reactions’ is now live. When a student is heard, they feel connected to the school, its values and people within the school. Simple acts can produce this sensation of being heard and our latest feature release, Skodel Reactions, is designed to do this. When a student opens up on Skodel, teachers will now have the option to respond with a comment and/or use one of the following emojis:

  • Like
  • Celebration
  • Sadness
  • Laughter
  • Wow

Students will be notified of this and can view the comments/reactions teachers have left on their check-in. In return, students will be able to like comments that teachers have left for them so as to acknowledge them. They can also respond with comments (this can be turned on and off by schools). This has been a heavily requested feature as teachers want to respond but it is not easy to find the right moment to do so. With Skodel Reactions, it can be done simply and meaningfully. We believe this is a big step forward in our mission to give every student a voice that is heard and acted on.

A voice that is heard.

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