Skodel 2.0 Approach

Skodel 2.0 Approach

Skodel is automating wellbeing

Since Skodel's launch, we have worked with schools to implement proactive wellbeing strategies that exceed today's expectations. One of the key challenges for schools has been fitting in wellbeing amongst other administrative and curriculum tasks. To overcome this, Skodel 2.0 is going to be doing the heavy lifting so that schools can deliver world class wellbeing in almost no time. Here's how:

1. Integrate with your communication channels

The first step is to meet your students and staff where they already are to reduce any technology/knowledge gaps in learning new systems. The integration will assist in engaging more people in their wellbeing by communicating check-ins, suggested support, reports and more through channels they are already using.

2. Automated programs built by Skodel

There are key moments in the year that we know impact student emotions and learning. For example, transitioning into high school, connections are important, and extroverts might relish this whilst introverts may struggle to form new connections. Skodel has built out age appropriate programs to check-in with students automatically at key moments and facilitate relevant support based on their responses. We'll also assist students in mapping out their own action plan and touch base with them to see how they're going.

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3. Reporting as required

Ensuring that teachers, leaders, pastoral staff and other members of the community get the insights they need. Our reports can be tailored to go individual level or to the whole school. This will assist wellbeing leaders in celebrating the good work being done with the community and drive further engagement. We are conscious of what information is shared so that each person feels comfortable and is able to use it to inform their practice without needing to spend a lot of time.

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