A simpler approach to wellbeing safety reporting

Get essential wellbeing safety reports for internal reviews and external inspections without excessive administrative effort.

The problem we solve for you

The excessive time and admin required to create and maintain wellbeing safety reports.

Our approach

Quick micro surveys, single page reports and simple feedback tools around wellbeing safety integrated into your system. Validated survey and reporting templates designed by wellbeing and safety specialists.

Challenges we help you with

We help you present insightful wellbeing safety reports to leaders or for inspections with minimal effort and time.


Mental health overview


Supporting BGS with Psychosocial Hazards

Balcombe Grammar wanted an efficient way to consult staff on psychosocial hazards. With 145 staff and one dedicated wellbeing leader, the process needed to be simple. We implemented a light touch quarterly check with data feeding into an action plan. It is allowing for essential worker consultation data to be maintained and up to date with minimal effort. Staff appreciate the speed and user experience which makes ongoing participation easy and leadership find value in a relevant set of data they can use to create positive change.

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Why choose Skodel

Our method of collecting and organising data is significantly faster than other approaches so it reduces operational costs and time, and encourages sustained participation. And our reporting tools make it easier for you to generate reports in the format you need without spending excessive time collating data.



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Said Skodel improved wellbeing & safety


For wellbeing, safety teams and leaders

Skodel is used by wellbeing and safety teams in organisations with regulations or heightened responsibility to manage mental health safety.

Our approach is guided by best practice safety standards

Skodel helps organisations and leaders embed best practice in mental health safety as per international standards and legislation.


Addressing mental health with confidence

Throughout my career, I've dedicated myself to addressing critical mental health issues. I've formed coalitions against bullying, established suicide prevention programs, and contributed extensively to research into burnout. And one thing I know is that leaders want to create environments where these risks don't exist. And if these risks do exist, they want to know about them and stamp them out. Understandably, they have concerns about how to do this safely. With Skodel, I support the design of effective prevention and response systems to help leaders address these matters with confidence.

Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist & Author

Andrew Fuller

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Navigate the challenging landscape of mental health best practice and legislation by hearing from psychologists and safety leaders.

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