Making wellbeing everyone's business

Making wellbeing everyone's business

3 elements to making wellbeing everyone's business

At Skodel, we are big believers that to get the best wellbeing outcomes, it must become everyone's business. And whilst there are a number of models to achieve this, this article outlines Skodel's approach and the evidence bases behind it. It comprises of 3 elements:

1. Check-in 2 times a term

School wellbeing check-in

Discussed in our 'Lessons from 2 million check-ins' article, making a check-in part of your wellbeing processes provides 3 main advantages:

  1. Builds emotional literacy
  2. Gives schools optics into wellbeing
  3. Sends a message that wellbeing is a priority school-wide

This paper 'Why emotional literacy is good for your school' provides references to research bases that outline the benefits of checking in and labelling emotions. It increases resilience and reduces vulnerability to mental illness. Equally, it improves our ability to support others through difficult times.

2. Encourage everyone to create their own wellbeing plan

wellbeing planning on Skodel

Wellbeing planning empowers students and staff to become the greatest creators in their own wellbeing journey. We know that small changes can have big impacts on our wellbeing 'Making Health Habitual'. The benefits include:

  • Strength and solution focused
  • Increased agency, which frees up teacher time
  • Enables a personalised approach with everyone working on areas of wellbeing most important to them

3. Coaching conversations

A single conversation can change a life. You may remember certain words or moments where this happened for you. Coaching is about developing the capacity of a select group within the school to have impactful conversations with those around them. This could be celebrating progress, acknowledging tough emotions or assisting someone to generate their own solution.

You can download a free copy of our wellbeing coaching framework.

Wellbeing coaching model

Final point about data

Skodel wellbeing insights

Make wellbeing data accessible and simple. Ensuring people have access to data that assists their own wellbeing journey or enables them to play a more supportive role in someone else's journey will drive further participation.

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