Increasing wellbeing through CPR

Increasing wellbeing through CPR

Connected, protected and respected (CPR)

What creates resilience and wellbeing varies at different stages of our lives. The clear indication is people thrive when they:

Connect with one another

Protect one another

Respect one another

When people feel connected, protected and respected, the school community flourishes. Furthermore, research led by clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller notes that when such elements of a school are developed then trust levels increase and the potential for greater collaboration also rises.

Connect Protect Respect Indicators


We create more positive futures for people when we strengthen the cultures in which they develop, learn and live. Young people are good at establishing positive relationships and deriving support from them but when relationships fall into troubled times, they have little idea of how to repair them. The strength of relationships between students and their teachers lessens in secondary/high School and with that comes a slowing of momentum.


To live in a home where at least one parent or adult loves you, cares for you and listens to you is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Belonging is the most powerful antidote to suicide, violence and drug abuse. The sense of belonging at school is strong in the primary years. Over the secondary/high school years it wanes to dismal levels by Years 11-12.


The perception that your family, friends, school, community and country respect you as a person is a powerful predictor of belonging and resilience. Feeling alienated, unvalued and worthless does not lead to good outcomes either for the people who feel that way or also for the communities they live in. Marginalisation is a pathway to increased risk.

Ways to foster Connection, Protection and Respect

There are a number of pathways to creating school communities where people feel connected, protected and respected. Fundamental steps to this process are checking in, empowering people and ensuring people feel heard. The above indicators provide questions that assist in measuring the three CPR elements, which you may wish to track once a year.

Wellbeing check-in and resources

For a more detailed breakdown of this, you may wish to download Andrew's paper on pathways to resilience. In it you will see solutions at each year level.

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