Skodel Partners with 'a School for tomorrow.' to Support Wellbeing Initiatives

Skodel has partnered with a School for tomorrow. to support the development of a library of wellbeing resources for school leaders. a School for tomorrow. is a global educational network that supports students, educators, and school leaders to thrive in a new world environment ( It supports the work of CIRCLE – The Centre for Innovation, Research, Creativity and Leadership in Education ( in providing research-driven personal, professional and school development programs which are all designed to prepare human beings to learn, live, lead and work in their world. CIRCLE has for over thirty years provided research, consulting and professional education services to hundreds of schools, thousands of educators, and hundreds of thousands of students globally. Skodel has seen a surge in usage of its ‘Skodel Check-In’ tool, which assists school communities in giving students a safe, simple and fun way to communicate their wellbeing. Their voice enables schools to get real time understanding of the state of wellbeing not only for individual students but for the school as a whole. Skodel has delivered over 50,000 check-ins to students from across the world throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Overcoming wellbeing challenges through knowledge sharing

COVID-19 has placed even greater focus on the need to support happy, safe and connected learners. The challenges of managing student wellbeing have in many ways been amplified through changing social interaction, strict stay at home measures and accelerating social trends. Working together and sharing knowledge throughout this process will help us overcome these challenges. a School for tomorrow’s toolkits are designed to do exactly this. They bring together knowledge from their own long standing body of research and extensive work with schools across Australasia, Europe, the United Kingdom, North America, South-East Asia and South Africa.

The toolkits are being contributed to by academics, thought leaders, educators and researchers from around the world. In the most recent toolkit, Continuous Learning Volume III | Wellness By Design®, Skodel is proud to be able to share our insights gained from working with a diverse range of school communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Founder and Managing Partner of a School for tomorrow. Dr Philip SA Cummins said “Character, competency and wellness are the keys to an education that prepares students to thrive in their world. COVID-19 has impacted billions of learners and families around the world, and schools everywhere are changing the game of school to meet increasingly complex wellbeing needs. Much of this is based on thinking that many educators have been driving for years. We need to accelerate this work and make it accessible to all schools as they move into their next normals.”

A partnership beyond COVID-19

Founder and Managing Director of Skodel, Ian Fagan said “Working with educators and researchers to ensure Skodel Check-In meets the unique needs of school environments has always been a priority. Through a School for tomorrow. we are able to work with leading researchers that have strong educational backgrounds and understand what teaching is like at all levels. Toolkits are just the start of this partnership as we look to integrate much of the research and thinking into actionable solutions to the real issues we surface through Skodel Check-In”

A voice that is heard.

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