Workplace Wellbeing in Compliance with WHS Safework Australia Legislation

Workplace Wellbeing in Compliance with WHS Safework Australia Legislation

Mental health has become part of the fabric of safety at work. WHS Safework Australia has implemented legislation to address psychosocial hazards and promote mental health in the workplace. This blog post provides an overview of this legislation, what's required and how Skodel can assist in complying with this legislation.

What is a psychosocial hazard?

Any conditions that impact on employee mental health. WHS categorises these into 14 areas:

What do we need to do?

The following risk management process will ensure you comply with this:

  1. Have processes in place to identify psychosocial hazards
  2. Assess the associated risk
  3. Implement control measures to eliminate or reduce risk
  4. Regularly review control measures to ensure they remain effective

How Skodel can assist

skodel psychosocial wellbeing

Identifying Psychosocial Hazards: Skodel's quarterly or bi-annual check-ins are aligned to WHS frameworks. Flags will be sent to key stakeholders when criteria is met that constitutes a psychosocial hazard as per WHS legislation.

Assessing Associated Risks: Once psychosocial hazards are identified, Skodel provides organisations with the means to assess the associated risks and the factors contributing to it.

Implementing Control Measures: Skodel empowers organisations to implement targeted control measures aimed at eliminating or minimising psychosocial risks. The automated response system ensures everyone is provided with next steps even when direct involvement from management is not possible. With access to a range of resources, including policies, procedures, and training programs, organisations can develop and implement comprehensive strategies.

Regularly Reviewing Control Measures: Comprehensive documentation enables you to demonstrate compliance with this legislation. Skodel's audit trail shows that as an organisation you did what was practicable in identifying hazards, you had control measures in place and every team member was made aware of these.

Meeting the legislative requirements set forth by WHS Safework Australia demands a comprehensive approach to address psychosocial hazards in the workplace. By embracing Skodel, organisations can create a work environment that promotes mental health, minimises risks, and maximises employee wellbeing.

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