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10 strategies to deal with exam stress

Have you ever looked at a test or exam paper and thought, “I know that I know this but I can't remember anything”, here are a few ideas for you to manage stress levels so this doesn't happen.
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Remember - everybody gets stressed!


Everyone gets stressed during tests and exams, even the people who say that they don't. Look around in a room where people are doing a test or exam. Even those people who are yawning, looking bored or stretching and looking as cool as cucumbers, are stressed. That means everyone has to learn how to cope with these feelings. It is not just you!


Stress can block your memory, give you a queasy tummy, make you lie awake at night, give you a dry throat or a headache - these aren’t nice feelings to have. Download our infographic, 10 strategies for dealing with exam stress to help you (or your students) manage those stress levels in the lead up to exams.


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