Personalised Wellbeing Plans

Skodel's planner makes it easy for everyone to create their own plan toward better wellbeing and reduces the workload on staff.
"The wellbeing plan approach promotes student agency and engages young people directly with their own wellbeing. As students map out their plan, we can allocate our resources to areas and topics that we know they will be best received."

Kevin Brennan

Assistant Head of Senior School, The Scots College

Whole School Wellbeing Made Simple

Meet the unique needs of each person and reduce the pressure on wellbeing staff by making wellbeing everyone’s business with Skodel’s planning tool.

Increase effectiveness

  • Meet the needs of each person by making it easy for everyone to create their own path to better wellbeing.
  • Build students' self confidence by empowering them to take a more active role in their own wellbeing.
  • Get real-time insights

Save Time

  • Students can self direct their wellbeing plans entirely and Skodel’s strength based suggestions will help them set up and work through their plan.
  • For schools with dedicated wellbeing time, our coaching guidebook supports teachers in helping students with their plan, saving time on lesson planning.

Understand what matters

  • Get visibility on the areas your students and staff are working on and see how they are tracking with their goals.
  • Leverage Skodel’s check-in data to suggest goals for your students throughout their learning journey.
  • Target your wellbeing resources to the areas students are working on to further support them on their path.

How It Works

Create goals

Set out what you want to achieve and how often you want to track this. Skodel suggestions will help students create a strengths based plan.

Track goals

Track goals and establish streaks over time that help you work toward better wellbeing. Share goals with friends to motivate you even further.


When goals are achieved or priorities change, take time to reassess and set new goals. Our coaching guide will support teachers in helping their students through this.

Strengths Based Coaching Guide

Support students along their learning journey

Skodel’s strength based coaching guide offers all teachers conversational guidance to support students in successfully setting up and working through their plan. This drives meaningful teacher-student conversations and saves your school valuable time in wellbeing lesson planning.

Personalised plans for everyone