Transforming feelings into data

Make your wellbeing data intuitive and easy to use on a regular basis.

Handling data end-to-end


Simple collection tools and flexible API integration capabilities


Sophisticated data models, purpose built to analyse student wellbeing


Visualisations and alerts that simplify reporting and monitoring

Get to the bottom of it by

Bringing more context into your wellbeing data

Our flexible API eliminates data silos by tying objective and subjective data from various sources together, forming a holistic picture of student wellbeing. It also enables event based delivery of check-ins, which provides insight into how children respond to real world scenarios as they happen.

Academic Performance



School events & initiatives

And exploring more in less time with Check-In Styles

Check-In Styles functionality provides your school with the flexibility to customise Skodel Check-Ins in order to examine the impact of certain events or track specific wellbeing domains that are important to your school. This allows you to deeply understand the effectiveness of your initiatives and uncover key insights that can shape policy decisions across your school.


Integrate Skodel Check-In with the systems you already use

Security is Top of Mind

Our development team has a strong security background and our software has been independently assessed by leaders in cyber security.

All data is encrypted at all times

Support for two-factor authentication

SSO authentication protocols

Role based access controls

Alerts for suspicious behaviour


Australian Privacy Act


It’s never been this easy to action data

Real time

An alert system that pushes notifications via your school’s main communication channels to inform early interventions


Dashboards that transform big data into digestible visualisations to help your wellbeing leaders make informed decisions

See Skodel Check-In in Action