The power is in the research

Skodel works with leading researchers, psychologists and educators across the globe to develop real and relevant approaches to proactive wellbeing management for schools

A truly world class research team

Building reliable and user friendly approaches to manage wellbeing doesn't happen overnight. In line with our mission to give every student a voice that is heard and acted on, our research has a strong focus on student engagement and deployment within the school environment. We have rigorously tested, iterated and developed Skodel Check-In over a number of years to make it simple for end users and sophisticated for senior leaders. Through our research advisory panel and network of diverse schools, we are committed to ongoing Research and Development in order to continually evolve Skodel Check-In.

Purpose Built for Education

Deceptively Powerful

Skodel Check-In is user friendly, but data rich. Schools operate in a unique and fast paced environment where the need for simplicity is fundamental to successfully fitting in. Simplicity is often achieved at the expense of detailed insights that support senior leaders in making policy decisions. Our research was focused on establishing an approach that would meet the competing needs of different educational stakeholders. Skodel Check-In is engaging for students, simple for teachers and powerful for senior leaders.

Relevant, Reliable & Real

The realities of the classroom are often overlooked in the development and implementation of educational products. As a result, concepts that are great in theory frequently result in frustration. The only way to avoid this frustration is through extensive input and testing from teachers, students and senior leaders. Skodel has worked and continues to work closely with schools and educators from around the globe to ensure Skodel Check-In isn’t just reliable, but also a great fit within the distinctive elements of a school.
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Data science models that work

Skodel empowers education communities with the ability to get to know every child on a deeper level without disrupting your current processes. Our data models alert you of important changes in child wellbeing and uncover the key driving factors of positive and negative emotional states at the individual and collective level.

Ecological momentary assessment

You can’t establish an effective system for early intervention without a free flowing stream of accurate real time data. EMA is built to achieve that.

Maximise data validity

Reduce recall bias that exists in questionnaire studies by collecting information on children ongoingly in a natural setting.

Maximise data validity

Reduce recall bias that exists in questionnaire studies by collecting information on children ongoingly in a natural setting.

Deeply Understand Children

Understand children under different contexts, exploring their emotional responses to bad grades, sporting disappointments or highly stressful situations.

Monitor vs measure

Don’t just measure wellbeing retrospectively once a year, monitor it on an ongoing basis so you can identify and act upon issues as they arise.

Interactive feedback in real time

Get timely, intuitive and rich wellbeing data to help identify issues before they become problems.

Evolving Research

Through our advisory board, we have strong connections to the world's leading research organisations

Which ensures we stay up to date and implement the latest findings in wellbeing.

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