Helping students manage their emotions

Skodel is like a confidante in the pocket, helping students generate solutions to challenging feelings and tricky situations.

Wellbeing should be everyone's business

Schools perform at their best when everyone is taking care of their wellbeing. Give your people access to relevant interactive coaching and strategies that help them make small, but really positive changes.

Interactive coaching with leading psychologists

Skodel's interactive coaching gives everyone in your school access to private and automated coaching sessions with renowned psychologists. An inviting and engaging experience.

A personalised wellbeing plan for everyone

Skodel's wellbeing planning tool empowers everyone to make small changes. Our automated suggestions help you create an effective plan and timely reminders can be set to check-in with you on how things are going.

Support for leaders to create an effective wellbeing strategy

Maximising engagement and driving positive wellbeing changes based on insights can be tricky. Our resources have been developed in partnership with leading psychologists and authors to assist you in integrating wellbeing into your school.

Trusting, scalable support

There are moments of clarity and moments of confusion for everyone. Skodel's proactive support tools are designed to help you stay on the right track or navigate those tricky situations and feelings we all experience from time to time.

Help everyone be at their best