Making wellbeing everyone’s business

Communities are turning to school leaders and teachers to support wellbeing. We believe it needs to be everyone’s business.

The world is challenging our emotions more than ever before


of leaders say supporting emotions is a big part of their role


of teachers say managing student emotions is a big part of their role


feel they do not have adequate training

Engage people in their wellbeing

To attain a growth mindset, we need to understand ourselves - our thoughts, desires and behaviours. Our tools help students take stock of their emotions and thoughts at important moments and provide guidance on next steps.

Empower everyone to take action

When students realise they are the greatest creators in their own wellbeing journey, they are better positioned to support themselves and those around them. Our planner and resources encourage students to take action steps towards the best version of themselves.
Streamline wellbeing at your school

Streamline wellbeing at your school

Leaders need simple ways to unite their community in supporting safety and wellbeing. Our digital solutions and psychology team assist leaders in collecting proactive data, driving engagement, meeting standards and reporting on impact.

Adapt to your needs

Your school’s wellbeing strategy sets you apart. Whether it’s implementing coaching, collecting proactive data or building student agency, our solutions can be adapted to meet unique aspects of your wellbeing framework.
Adapt your needs
At a time when wellbeing is an absolute key component in schools and education, this product is well set up to give schools and educators insider knowledge on the frame of mind their students are arriving with. It's like starting a 100m race 10m ahead of everyone else!

Iain Taylor


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