Skodel partners with Independent Schools Victoria

Skodel partners with Independent Schools Victoria

Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) represents more than 142,000 students across 370 schools. As an association, they are committed to supporting independent education for the benefit of students and the wider community. In line with this, ISV has partnered with Skodel to support student wellbeing and help Member Schools meet growing accountability pressures in a practical way. Below is a statement from the ISV team:

“Students deserve a safe and simple way to express how they are feeling. We've partnered with Skodel to offer our Member Schools discounted access to an easy-to-use check-in solution that gives teachers a clearer picture of their students' mental, emotional and social wellbeing. Students can also access a range of Skodel resources, and connect to 24/7 support.”

Co founder of Skodel, Ian Fagan said "We are proud to partner with an innovative and forward thinking association in ISV. Importantly, this partnership will mean more students can access Skodel's Check-In application and resources to help them work toward increasing their wellbeing."

The partnership entitles Member Schools to a 30% discount on Skodel's standard licensing fee for its flagship product, Skodel Check-In. If you are interested in learning more about this offer, contact Skodel on

About ISV

ISV was established in 1949. Today, ISV works on behalf of more than 220 member schools operating more than 370 campuses that educate more than 142, 000 students – representing approximately 15 per cent of students in Victoria. Membership is voluntary and open to all registered non-government schools in Victoria.

ISV respects and promotes the autonomy of our members by providing the services, support and advocacy they need to deliver the best possible education for all students.

As a trusted voice in independent education, ISV works constructively with all levels of government. ISV is a not-for-profit organisation and a member of the Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA).

About Skodel

Skodel is a wellbeing software company specialising in student check-ins and evidence-informed resources. Skodel is the first company to provide real time information on individual student and whole school wellbeing. It is designed to solve a serious and deepening issue among adolescents and young children by giving all students a voice that is heard and acted upon. Its Wellbeing Check-In app is used in schools across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US.

A voice that is heard.

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