Ministry of Education Funds the Roll-Out of Student Wellbeing Tool to More Schools in New Zealand

Ministry of Education Funds the Roll-Out of Student Wellbeing Tool to More Schools in New Zealand

New Zealand Government assumes a leading position in student wellbeing

NOTE: Funding was provided between October 2020 - June 2021

Skodel, the software company driving student wellbeing check-ins, will roll out its clever wellbeing service to more schools across New Zealand, following funding by the Ministry of Education’s Covid Response Fund. 

The support from the Ministry of Education confirms New Zealand’s leading position in student wellbeing and follows the implementation of the Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy announced in 2019. 

Skodel was co-founded by identical twins Ian and Julian Fagan, and friend, Huon Peard and was inspired by the founders’ experiences with wellbeing during their teenage years. 

The service provides students with an outlet to convey their feelings and provides teachers with vital real-time data about the wellbeing of an individual, classroom or larger student cohort. The data is considered invaluable in responding to students’ needs.

Skodel Co-Founder Julian Fagan said: “We are thrilled that the New Zealand Ministry of Education is supporting schools in the Alfriston Kahui Ako (Community of Learning) to use our Wellbeing Check-In tool and are very excited that more students will be able to benefit from the service.”

“Our aim is to ensure students in every school across New Zealand will have an opportunity to have a voice that is heard and acted upon. Wellbeing is a key determinant of educational success and resilient school graduates.” 

Skodel’s research shows that up-to-date information on students’ wellbeing will encourage more conversations around wellbeing and mental health and help combat the growing challenges facing students of all ages. 

Cathy Chalmers, Principal of Greenmeadows Intermediate School said “We have been using Skodel for a few months and its been invaluable in taking the temperature of student wellbeing. I see the huge potential for schools across our Kahui Ako to benefit from the service and am delighted that the Ministry of Education’s Urgent Response Fundis supporting the rollout of the service to more schools.” 

Skodel creates tailored, engaging and evidence-informed resources to respond to student wellbeing issues as they arise. It also provides teachers and schools with valuable data that helps them provide the best social and academic environment for its students. These resources have been developed by Skodel, in conjunction with leading clinical psychologist, Andrew Fuller.

Stu Birch, Managing Director and Founder of, [teacher recruitment specialist and Skodel’s New Zealand partner], said “Skodel's wellbeing tool is simple for schools to use but has the capacity to change student lives in the most positive way. This wellbeing tool is fantastic and the take up and response we are receiving from school communities is very satisfying. 

Skodel is currently being used in schools across Australia as well as in New Zealand, the UK and the US. Currently, over 25,000 students across Australia are using Skodel Check-In and the number is growing.

About Skodel

Skodel is a software company specialising in wellbeing and mental health issues. Skodel is the first company to provide real time data on student wellbeing. It is designed to solve a serious and deepening issue among adolescents and young children by giving all students a voice that is heard and acted on. Its Wellbeing Check-In app is used in schools across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US.

About is a Ministry of Education contracted recruitment company with offices in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, and have been leaders in education recruitment since 1995. They have a passion for bringing together the best people in education and delivering quality results for their clients, candidates and partners.'s mission is to create excellence in education. Services include daily relief, fixed term, contract and permanent recruitment services for early childhood centres, primary and secondary schools. In line with their mission, partnered with Skodel to help solve a growing concern for many schools, which is managing and increasing wellbeing to create learning environments where students feel connected, protected and respected.


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