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Skodel's student dashboard helps students take ownership of their wellbeing

Skodel's student dashboard helps students take ownership of their wellbeing

There is increased accountability being placed on schools to manage the wellbeing of their students. It is an unfairly large burden to place solely on the shoulders of teachers and senior leaders. Skodel believes it should be co-managed by empowering students to take ownership of their own wellbeing. Skodel's student dashboard is designed to do this, enabling students to track and monitor their wellbeing overtime, reflect on how they have been feeling, understand what is driving these feelings and acknowledge when they have overcome challenges. In addition to this, students can access evidence-informed resources developed in conjunction with leading psychologist, Andrew Fuller, to help them work toward increasing their own wellbeing. Students experiencing a really bad time can connect with 24/7 support lines or book one on one sessions with mentors/counsellors within the school.

This student dashboard will continue to grow and develop with the purpose of helping students learn more about themselves and equipping them with the knowledge and skills to create futures they fall in love with. We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to engage students with taking ownership of their wellbeing. As always, we welcome and listen to all feedback, so if you have suggestions for what you would like to see in the student dashboard, reach out to info@skodel.com or contact our team via LiveChat.

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