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Skodel integrates with Wonde

Skodel integrates with Wonde

Skodel is very excited to share a timely feature update as the new year gets underway. We have just integrated with Wonde, a leading integration provider enabling many of the schools using Skodel to integrate at the touch of a button. The integration will allow for data syncing and Single Sign On (SSO).

Data syncing means you will no longer need to upload or update any student/staff information in Skodel (i.e. upload a csv with student or teacher names), instead, Skodel will securely retrieve that from your Management Information System. This will be continuously updated as you update your information system to avoid any double handling. We can also pull across classes to setup as groups on Skodel if you wish.

SSO will allow teachers to use the same credentials (username/email and password) that they are familiar with to login to Skodel. This will save you needing to setup and remember multiple login details.

Currently, Wonde has over 20,000 schools and many of the leading Management Information Systems on board. If you are a Skodel school and would like to integrate through Wonde, please contact our team info@skodel.com and we will get you setup.

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