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Scheduled Check-Ins

Scheduled Check-Ins

We designed Skodel Check-In for regular use, so that students always had a voice and that teachers and school communities had real time wellbeing data. Many of our school communities like to send a regular check-in on a set day. In fact, most commonly, check-ins are sent once a week on a Tuesday morning. We see higher response rates when check-ins are sent earlier in the week and of a morning time before academic classes start. 

To make this process simpler, we have introduced a new feature ‘scheduled check-ins’. Scheduled check-ins can be sent as a one off or recurring check-in. This will make it easier to plan ahead, for example, you may wish to send a pre-exam check-in, you can schedule that as a one off check-in. You may also wish to send a weekly or fortnightly check-in as your general wellbeing check, which can be scheduled as a recurring check-in. 

For more information on how to use scheduled check-ins, visit our Help Center.

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