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Introducing Specialist Check-Ins

Introducing Specialist Check-Ins

In 2021, Skodel will be expanding its check-in approach to allow for Specialist Check-Ins, meaning schools will be able to assess specific domains that are important to them. For example, schools might want to get visibility on the strength of relationships within their school, you can see how this would appear in the screenshots below.

How it will work

Skodel will store a bank of evidence based check-ins (short form surveys) that schools can choose to send out when and how they wish. The check-ins will assess a range of different areas of wellbeing and will be accompanied with resources on how to interpret and respond to the data at all levels. The process will remain simple and engaging for students and teachers. For a quick video walkthrough of this feature, please click the link below.

How the data will display

Skodel's check-in feed, which is the first page you land on as a teacher when you login will remain the place to get all the up to date information on the latest check-ins. This feed is designed to allow classroom teachers and other stakeholders to quickly and easily identify how things are going. Meanwhile, the analysis tab will be the area to get a more detailed overview of these areas. This will allow for a deep dive of the data with a range of filters and different visualisations. Below are two screenshots that illustrate this:

Snapshot of how Specialist Check-In data will be communicated via Skodel's main feed on the home dashboard

Snapshot of how Specialist Check-In data will be communicated via Skodel's analysis tab

This feature is particularly beneficial for schools that have adopted a specific wellbeing framework e.g. PERMAH, CASEL, PB4L or even built out their own custom designed approach to wellbeing. By using specialist check-ins, schools can get visibility on the indicators of wellbeing that matter most to them, aligning their framework with the necessary data points they need to track progress.

What our first specialist check-in will be

Our first specialist check-in is based on a New Zealand model for Hauora (wellbeing) and is designed to track not only how students are feeling but also how they are functioning, i.e. a student may be feeling down but still able to complete their tasks (functioning well). Below is a brief rationale for choosing this model:

The following graph represents data from over 160,000 check-ins across across Europe, America, Australia & New Zealand on Skodel in 2020. As the year went on there were less and less positive responses from students when asked how they were feeling. In speaking with schools, teachers alluded to students feeling isolated/disconnected from friends and the school community.

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However, what this data doesn't show is the way in which students dealt with the events of 2020. It is perfectly fine to feel negative in response to distressing events, it only becomes an issue when that negativity inhibits your capacity to function and from what schools have told us, students have been incredibly resilient during this time. With 4 questions, taking up to 45 seconds to complete, Skodel's first Specialist Check-In for 2021 will give schools visibility not only on how students are feeling but also how they are functioning. Students will go through challenging times, it is important to understand how they are coping and responding to these challenges.

Stay tuned for more specialist check-ins. In the meantime, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact our team on info@skodel.com

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