Introducing Skodel 2.0 - Student led wellbeing

Introducing Skodel 2.0 - Student led wellbeing

Introducing Skodel 2.0 - what to do with wellbeing data

Amidst the push for student wellbeing data, we must acknowledge the practicalities of school and teacher life. Common questions are: 

  • What areas of wellbeing matter
  • What do we do with the data, and
  • Who is responsible for this

Communities are quick to turn to teachers for answers. However, we believe it must be student first. And insights must not place teachers in a position where they feel ill equipped (high risk). This is why we’re excited to launch Skodel 2.0, which focuses on:

  • Automated check-ins: A research-based check-in schedule to gain insights for schools on the most foreseeable wellbeing challenges at specific times throughout the year
  • Student led: Engaging students to meta-cognitively improve their wellbeing by reflecting at key moments and taking action steps
  • High level reports: Providing reports that inform practice, are appropriate based on role and can be celebrated community wide

Automated check-ins (what areas matter)

We’ve worked with Andrew Fuller to create a series of research based check-ins. The questions are framed carefully and gather insights on key wellbeing areas throughout the year.  

Wellbeing leaders can switch this schedule on to get wellbeing reports that can be celebrated with the community. It’s automated but flexible to be adjusted as required. And can be adjusted in a few clicks using our calendar visualisation, which gives leaders high level visibility.

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Student led (what to do with the data and who is responsible)

Teachers can’t be there all the time. New features ease the burden for teachers by equipping students with tools and strategies to manage their own wellbeing in the following ways:

  1. Advancing emotional literacy and helping students build self knowledge through purposeful reflections

  1. Helping students create and track their own action plan with suggested actions and follow ups

  1. Interactive coaching and science backed resources

Through evidence based suggestions and resources, we ensure every student gets the support they need regardless of whether or not a teacher is at the other end. We engage more students to become the greatest creators in their own wellbeing journey.

High level reporting (saving time for wellbeing leaders)

  1. Reports for leaders

To help wellbeing leaders unite communities behind wellbeing, the new look reports will focus on high level insights that can be shared with parents, staff and students. The insights will highlight progress in wellbeing and include action planning. It will enable schools to demonstrate their proactive approach and provide comfort for parents. 

  1. Reports for staff

In addition to leadership reports, schools can provide access to insights for specific staff such as mentors and counsellors. We ensure insights are manageable based on their role and help foster stronger relationships.

Thank you to the continued support of our partner schools, researchers and partners who have played an important role in developing Skodel 2.0. We are looking forward to the journey ahead and supporting students more directly with their wellbeing.

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