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Skodel helps students manage their feelings and create a plan to better wellbeing

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Making wellbeing everyone's business

We believe wellbeing should be everyone's business. Our intuitive platform is designed to help students take a more active role in their wellbeing by helping them take stock of their emotions and create a personal plan to better wellbeing.

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Get to the bottom of your feelings

Skodel check-ins create a moment for students to reflect on how they're feeling and identify what’s behind that feeling.
  • Easily provide a safe space for your students to identify how they are really feeling and what's behind it.
  • Improve emotional regulation with immediate support to help students understand the feeling they are experiencing and how to manage it.
  • Build students' self awareness with insights to help them track their feelings and the key influences on these over time.
Skodel Check-In

Personalised plans for everyone

Skodel’s planning tool makes it easy for everyone to create their own plan toward better wellbeing, helping meet individual needs and saving time for wellbeing staff.
  • Give students agency to create their own plan toward better wellbeing.
  • Support them on this journey with our strengths based coaching conversation guidebook
  • Understand what students want to work on and suggest goals at the touch of a button
Skodel Wellbeing Planner

Support for teachers and senior leaders

Easy to digest insights support teachers and school leaders in reporting on wellbeing and allocating resources to where they will be best received.
  • Gauge positivity and the factors influencing this across your whole school, groups and individual students
  • Simplify wellbeing reporting to the broader community with automated high level insights
  • Target your resources to the greatest opportunities for improvement

Why Skodel

Time saving

Reduce the workload in creating, recreating and delivering well being programs across your school with our wellbeing planner. And immediately access information to inform planning and reporting.
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Works at All Levels

Engaging for students, quick for teachers and robust for senior leadership teams. Find out how our deceptively powerful wellbeing platform meets the unique needs of each stakeholder.
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Deftly Flexible

Capture all factors impacting wellbeing. To truly understand what is influencing wellbeing, students must be able to self-determine. Skodel Check-In provides unlimited flexibility for students to tell it how it is and cleverly transforms feelings into data.
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Refreshingly Simple

Understanding and improving wellbeing has never been this simple. Skodel is a delightfully peaceful experience, taking minutes to implement and seconds to operate. View our product tour video to see Skodel in action.
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Mental health and wellbeing need to be our highest priority in helping our young people create great futures. Skodel enables young people to discover the language of their feelings and provides assistance in planning to increase wellbeing, I am delighted to recommend this initiative to schools.

Andrew Fuller

Clinical Psychologist

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View research papers, whitepapers, tips on getting the most out of recent feature updates and more. All designed to help schools implement a sustainable, student centred approach to improving wellbeing.
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